Friday, October 31, 2008

Conan O’Brien, the Zune, and Al-Qaeda

Yep, you read the title right. A couple of nights ago, Conan O’Brien decided to give Al-Qaeda a call to see why they had endorsed John McCain for president. During the call, we learn that the iPod is “the Devil’s MP3 player.” See for yourself.


I love Conan’s show by the way. You should all watch. Weekday nights after Jay Leno on NBC at 12:30ish.


- Albert

Friday, October 17, 2008

Live Search: Search Suggestions

Live Search Logo Apologies for the lack of posting recently; still getting used to the college life :)

But anyway, for a while now I had been running into a feature not quite given much attention to. This could be because the feature comes and goes, and only until today did I notice that it seemed a bit more permanent. However, this might change within a few hours. I am talking about Live Search “Search Suggestions.”

Live Search Suggestions Drop Down


Originally I had noticed it when using my sister’s computer well more than a month ago. It obviously went a way for a while, or it shows up only to certain users (at the time, I would try it on my laptop and it wouldn’t show up, while it would on my sister’s). But as an active Live Search user, I have now seen it re-surface, and this time I think it might be here to stay. I think so because it is now well implemented into the Live Search options page, so if you can’t see the drop-down list, go there and enable them.

Live Search Suggestions Options


While Google has it on its home search page as well, currently seems to lack it. At the moment, the drop-down Search Suggestions only seem to appear when in a search results page. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft also decides to do with this tool to make it unique to that of other search engines, including Google and Ask.


- Albert