Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yahoo! attacks Google in search ads via search ads

Yahoo Microsoft Google Battle So much for the Yahoo! and Google deal eh? Well, it seems like Yahoo! is wasting no time in showing any negative feelings towards the company that failed to continue pursuing a possible search deal.

I don’t think I have ever seen a major search engine attack another in an online ad, but I guess Yahoo! does not bother being the first. The ads I found were displayed on LiveSide, but I have no knowledge of how many properties Yahoo! went ahead and placed these ads on.


The ad itself was a Flash movie, but I was able to capture most of the main points in four screenshots.


Slide 1: “LOST – Last Seen: Searching Google”

Yahoo Google Attack Web Ad 1

This implies that someone was been reported “lost” and was last seen searching on the infamous Google search engine. “Lost” meaning that searching using Google may result in even more confusing results.


Slide 2: For Music Videos

Yahoo Google Attack Web Ad 2 

Just adds the detail that the individual was searching for music videos on Google when they were reported “lost.”


Slide 3:Don’t Get Lost

Yahoo Google Attack Web Ad 3

Finally, a Yahoo! logo and brand is clear. It also clarifies that by using Google, you can get lost in between all the actual results and irrelevant sponsored results.


Slide 4: Switch to Yahoo!

Yahoo Google Attack Web Ad 4

The final slide asks the viewer to switch to Yahoo! to be able to find the real answer that they want.



Overall, I think that the ads are using the only real selling points that a non-Google search engine can use: “switch” and “get straight to your answers.” Although Google itself is able to be very relevant because of its index and usage, other search engines may employ smarter algorithms or features that may interest certain people who do not find Google providing useful alternatives. However, it’s interesting how Yahoo! decided to go directly after Google in a marketing campaign, no matter how small this might be.

Note: I spotted this a couple of days ago but barely got the chance to post this blog entry.


- Albert

“Harry Potter 6” and “2012”

So I just arrived home for the Thanksgiving holiday and was greeted by a few cousins. One of them told me about a new trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” which I thought I had already seen. But…after visiting MSN, it became clear that Warner Bros. had released a brand new trailer for our delayed Harry Potter film. It’s a must-watch trailer! The visual effects and music are just unbelievable. To all those Twilight maniacs out there, watch out! “HP6” is going to kick your guys’ butt. Hehe.


Watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer:




Then, while browsing through other new movie trailers, I also found another of my kind of movie (any end-of-the-world, major disaster, humanity in peril movie). It’s directed by Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, 10,000 B.C.) and it looks amazing! It has to do, quite frankly as the title implies, about the year 2012. Since the Mayans, among other belief systems, seem to have major “predictions” or mentions of the year 2012 and how, if anything were to happen, our governments would be unable to prepare for such devastation. Although the trailer lacks much of the content that others like the “HP6” one has, I guess it’s still early in its marketing phase and serves more as a teaser-like purpose. But it certainly looks good. Enjoy.


Watch 2012 Trailer:



- Albert

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YouTube goes widescreen

Was just browsing my tech video YouTube channel when I played one of my videos and found a pleasant surprise: a full-fledged widescreen video player.



See for yourself, it’s quite an interesting experience with videos that were meant to be displayed in the true widescreen format.


At first I thought it would only do that for videos whose dimensions would fit a widescreen format, but it seems like all videos will be displayed as best possible in the new and wider player. Overall, I’m quite happy with YouTube’s move. Makes it clear that video content takes center stage.


- Albert

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Zune games added: Checkers, Sudoku, and Space Battle

Soon after watching the new Zune TV commercial, I decided to visit to see if they had uploaded a high quality version of the ad. They didn’t, but did create a new official YouTube Zune channel. But anywho, as I was browsing the site, I noticed two main details. One, the site is undergoing a very nice re-design. And two, they’ve added more games! Best of all, they’re all still free! The new games, as the title implies, are Checkers, Sudoku, and Space Battle. I was getting a little bored with Hexic, so this is only awesome!


New Zune Games



I haven’t installed them myself, but I will soon. If anyone has any questions or problems, feel free to drop a comment.


- Albert

Zune 3.0 holiday TV advertising campaign launches

As promised by Cesar on the latest Zune Insider audio episode, the Zune holiday marketing has launched today on NBC’s Heroes. The campaign is supposed to concentrate on the unique features of Zune, rather than continue the vague messages of the previous campaigns. This ad is a good start to that goal. However, there needs to be more than just this. As much as this is only the first ad, it is a great sign for a big move to the direction that the Zune marketing team needs to take: selling the qualities and features that the Zune embodies. One thing to note though, and I say this based on feedback I’m getting from “regular” folks (those who do not follow tech companies and closely observe their products), is that some people may find the ad content itself really cool, but will never understand that it is a Zune feature and what exactly it does. Like for example, one friend tells me that she thought it was some new Zune feature that would allow people to communicate to each other in a webcam-like method. If you think about, that’s a pretty good reaction if you have no idea of what Zune is. Maybe, and I hate to say it like this, Zune needs more of the “instructional”-type marketing that Apple is really good at. The kind where maybe we can see the same thing we see on this ad, but with a narrator, or Common, explaining what happens when you click on each Mixview component. That way, people see cool stuff going on TV, a known face, and know what it is and what holds in store for them if they download it too. Okay, enough of me. Here is the ad. A way better quality version will replace this one as soon as I make it available. Better quality version now published here. Enjoy.


- Albert