Sunday, December 28, 2008

Download YouTube videos to Zune

It’s finally here. An updated and revamped version of the original “Download YouTube Videos to Zune” video. It was a success and many people were very thankful. However, some had some trouble and things have changed since then, so it was time to deliver what people wanted. If you have a Zune and want to download any video from YouTube, here is the best video guide.

AVideo Download YouTube Videos to Zune and PC [Updated]

Useful tips and resources:

Select the folders that you want the Zune software to monitor for new music, videos, pictures, and podcasts

Folders can include playlists, music, videos, pictures, and podcasts from another player collection. If you add or remove files from these folders, the Zune software automatically updates the collection accordingly.
To configure the folders that you want the Zune software to monitor, follow these steps:
  1. Start the Zune software.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Settings, click Software, and then select Collection. A list of folders appears that the Zune software currently monitors for new media files.
  3. To modify the list of monitored folders, use the following guidelines:
    • o To add a new folder to the list, click Add Folder, and then select the folder that you want to add.
      o Note If you add a folder that is located on a removable drive, and the drive is no longer available, the Zune software automatically removes the content in that folder from your collection.
    • o To remove a folder from the list, click Remove for the folder that you want to remove.

How to add music, videos, pictures, and podcasts that you play on the computer to the Zune device

When you start the Zune software for the first time, the software automatically adds music, videos, pictures, and podcasts on the computer to the Zune collection. Then, you can set up the Zune software to monitor the folders in which you store your media. If you add or delete something in these folders, the Zune software updates your collection accordingly.
To prevent the Zune software from automatically adding these files to your collection, follow these steps:
  1. Start the Zune software.
  2. Click Settings, click Software, and then select Collection.
  3. Click to clear the Automatically update album art and media information check box.
  4. Click OK.

Common Issues and Solutions

Common Issue #1: Won't Sync/Detect Video

Make sure to select the MP4 file type. This should solve most problems related to Zune not detecting other corrupted files. Also, remember to change the name in the new MP4, make it different than when you tried to import the older file, or else Zune Software might not always detect that it's a new file.

Common Issue #2: "Only Works on Some Videos"

Not true. The converter should be able to download all YouTube video, regardless their status. If you simply cannot download a certain video, contact us and we will solve the problem.

Common Issue #3: Plays on PC but not Zune

Confirm you are using the MP4 file type. Refer to Common Issue #1 tips.

Common Issue #4: Video or Data "Corrupt"

Specify where you are getting this error message (i.e. YouTube,, Zune, etc.), then contact us.

Common Issue #5: Compatible with iPod's?

If you would like to download YouTube videos to your iPod as well, you will have to use the MP4 file format.

- Albert

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Microsoft issuing emergency browser fix


This just in from MSNBC:

“REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. is taking the unusual step of issuing an emergency fix for a security hole in its Internet Explorer software that has exposed millions of users to having their computers taken over by hackers.


The "zero-day" vulnerability, which came to light last week, allows criminals to take over victims' machines simply by steering them to infected Web sites; users don't have to download anything for their computers to get infected, which makes the flaw in Internet Explorer's programming code so dangerous. Internet Explorer is the world's most widely used Web browser.


Microsoft said it plans to ship a security update, rated "critical," for the browser on Wednesday. People with the Windows Update feature activated on their computers will get the patch automatically.” More


Because this flaw is extremely dangerous as it can steal stored passwords on your computer, it is absolutely critical that you install the update so you cannot be infected. The update is completely free of charge, as always provided by Microsoft. You will be able to download the patch tomorrow and I will have the link here as soon as it is available (the update is now available, look below). Again, it is very important you install this, especially if you use online banking, online gaming, online social networking, or any site which you have given any personal information to.


NAME AND INFO: MS08-078 Addresses a vulnerability in Internet Explorer (KB 960714)


For Windows XP: Perform Microsoft Update
For Windows Vista: Run the Windows Update tool.


Note: If you think you already have an infection, you can run Microsoft’s FREE Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.


- Albert

Monday, December 8, 2008

Common introduces Microsoft’s clothing line: Softwear

“A Billion People Can't Be Wrong.

This is Softwear by Microsoft. A clothing line that taps the nostalgia of when PCs were just starting to change our lives. With retro logos, classic photos, and geek-chic iconography, these pieces showcase the DOS days of the software company that now connects over a billion people.”


That’s what visitors to the new “Softwear by Microsoft” site see on the Story page. There are a total of 8 shirt designs so far; 4 designed by Common and 4 “Classic” designs. Definitely falling under the “retro style” look, these shirts might just sell. I’m quite excited for a few of them, including “The Misdemeanor,” “The DOS Tangle,” “The Albuquerque,” and “The Reminisce.” Here’s a video just recently posted with Common beginning his “spokesman” title.


Common introduces Softwear by Microsoft – High Quality


Softwear will be in stores December 15th.


- Albert

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kiev Search? Microsoft’s new search brand? user “ma574ch33f117 performed a little interesting search over at Live Search and found something quite intriguing. In his comment, he states that he went to and searched “” to see what results would come up with the domain. I went ahead and repeated that query and found other little details.


When you perform the search, you get a result titled “Kiev Search - Get to know Kiev Search” which contains a description:

“Get to know Kiev Search. Web. Search the web. cashback. Get money back when you shop at the online stores you know and trust. Images. Find the pictures that you've been looking for…”




Additionally, Live Search even provided a cashed version of the site, which looks a lot like a current Live Search site.

Current “Kiev Search” ( cached site on servers



Current “Live Search” (similar site)




I don’t know…you be the judge. But, “Kiev” is such a random brand name. Kumo at least had some meaning behind it (which means either “cloud” or “spider” in Japanese, depending on which Kanji characters are used, via Mary-Jo Foley). I don’t honestly know what to think anymore. After the resurfacing possible Yahoo search deal, multiple rebranding possibilities, and now “Kiev,” I just hope some Softie knows what they’re doing.


- Albert