Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cool Zune 3.0 software UI updates coming

Was just browsing around the Zune Press site when I stumbled across their Press Resources page and found the following screenshot of the Zune 3.0 software for the Marketplace Videos section. What became of particular interest to me was the new and updated "pink dancing cloud" (Related Link , Related Video ).


Here is the current "Pink Dancing Cloud"



Here's the Zune 3.0 "Cloud" (pink only no more)


^ My hope on the new "Dancing Cloud/Waves" is that it will be a lot more responsive to the music playing and people are actually able to notice it.



I also noticed that the background they used for the Zune Marketplace Videos screenshot was noticeably different from any of the ones included in the current Zune software. There is one that is very similar, but the color and design is actually different. Here, take a look:


Current Zune background (whole)



Zune 3.0 Background (whole)



Current Zune Background (close-up)



Zune 3.0 Background (close-up)


^ They are certainly not the same one, and the new Zune 3.0 one does not look any closer to any of other current Zune backgrounds. So this is definitely a sign that new Zune backgrounds are coming our way! Hopefully that, and the availability of changing the color scheme for the background.


Keep your eyes peeled people...I know mine are.

- Albert


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